Thursday, May 17, 2012

My "Feel Good" Folder

I'm feeling a little frazzled right now. My stress level is relatively high as we're preparing for a huge move in a couple months. I'm trying really hard to stay on my game food and exercise-wise, but the stress beats me down sometimes and I find myself slipping into old unhealthy habits. And then of course when I cave to cravings or I overeat or skip a workout because of the stress, I end up even more stressed out because then I feel guilty/gross/lazy. It's a pretty brutal cycle. And since I'm currently really struggling with the stress and all the demands on my time and attention right now, I'm really grateful for a little something I came up with a couple of years ago that gives me something positive to focus on when these struggles or this stress hits me.

I call it my "Feel Good Folder".

My Feel Good Folder isn't a collection of motivational quotes or stories. It's more personal than that. And since it boosts me so effectively I wanted to share a little bit about it with you. My Feel Good Folder is full of positive things people have said to me personally that have lifted me up. A lot of it is emails. Some of it comes from comments on my Facebook page.  Here are a few examples:

A FB comment from a friend during a really difficult personal time: I just love you to bits and I admire the hell out of you.   When I think I just can't do this anymore, I think of you.  You give me such inspiration and strength because I KNOW you would not give up.

A message from one of my favorite fitness gurus, Bill Phillips: Hi Angie! Thank you for your nice message today! I am so happy to hear you have already started and are feeling good! You CAN do this!! Stick with it, take it one week, even one day, at a time and you WILL succeed!! Your Friend, Bill Phillips

A supportive email from my old accountability partner who could tell I was struggling and needed a lift: I think you are a truly wonderful person and I admire your strength.  And I sincerely hope that every morning when you wake up, or when things are going crazy around you, you can take a moment to remind yourself just how wonderful you are.  And that you are making progress every day, even when it seems that you are not making as much as you'd like.

A FB wall post from one of my hula sisters: Your passion for dancing has made me appreciate what we do even more.. I love watching you sway and i love how much you improved and continue to impress me.. I can really feel how much this means to you and im so honored to be dancing side by side along with you!! I love you sister!!

My best friend's FB status after Willy got laid off earlier this year: It seems the fun of 2012 is officially shattered for me as I learn of friends struggles. My dear friend Angie's husband was just laid off. Will you please pray for the Campbell family? Angie and her family are one of my happy thoughts!

My husband's best friend's comment on my FB status when I kind of downplayed my performance during my very first 5K (when I finished in last place): Angie there are people who would never even have the courage to start, let alone finish. Be proud. 

I recognize that I run a certain risk by posting this stuff on my blog. Maybe it will come across as boastful or tooting my own horn. Please believe me when I say it has NOTHING to do with that! My purpose for diving into my Feel Good Folder today and sharing a bit about it is actually a two-parter. 

1- If something makes you feel good... hold on to it! It doesn't have to make you feel good just once! Going back to it later will make you feel good all over again. And it doesn't have to be something deep and particularly meaningful. One of my favorite comments on my FB post when I ran a full 5K for the first time was "When I grow up I want to be like you!" (from a friend who is older than me :) )  I keep it all! If it lifts me up I keep it! Reading and re-reading words like these from my friends and family and people who care about me has strengthened me over and over again. I want to encourage you to have a little folder where you keep stuff like this that can strengthen you, too. 

2- Knowing that simple words like these can lift someone up, let's make a greater effort to share these kind of simple words! When someone impresses you TELL THEM! When they've inspired you, let them know it! Your words could end up in someone's Feel Good Folder, lifting them up over and over again! Positive words have a positive, powerful impact! I have one sister in law who every now and then sends me the most amazing words of encouragement. Sometimes she even writes them on paper and sticks them in the actual mail! Her effort in doing that opens up some pretty positive and powerful exchanges and I'm constantly grateful for her!

Have a feel good kind of day!! Let's go into the weekend positive and strong!


  1. Ang, it is amazing how many times you seems to hit the nail on the head for me! I will start a feel good folder as soon as possible! Thanks do much for sharing!

  2. What a fantastic idea!! Thank you for sharing...not only did I NOT think it was boasting, it made ME feel good to read it all. :)